Frequently Asked Questions:



Q1.1 How often is the site updated? I have seen the same business for sale more than once.

  1. New businesses are coming on to the site 24 hours a day, however, it takes a few months for each business to be sold. Business transfer agents will usually advertise a business until an offer is accepted, so you will often see the same business coming up in your search results if you're checking the site on a daily basis.

Q1.2 I requested further details on a business but have received nothing - how long should it take?

  1. As soon as you fill in your details and hit the 'contact seller' button, an email is sent instantly to the seller of the business you are looking at. If you send your enquiry to a commercial agent you can expect a response within a day or two - in the case of private sellers, it may take them longer to respond. If you have sent an enquiry and heard nothing back from the seller after a week or longer, you can report this to us via the feedback form and we'll try to get in touch with the seller on your behalf.

Q1.3 I have seen a business that I am interested in advertised on your website, how can I contact the seller?

  1. On each business advertisement details page, you will see a 'contact seller' form. You just need to complete this form and click 'contact seller'  to contact a business. In some cases you will need to join the premier buyers club in order to contact the seller. You will be prompted to do so if this is the case.

Q1.4 I am interested in a certain type of business but I can't find one listed on your website.

  1. Our inventory is always changing in accordance with the supply and demand of businesses for sale in any sector. If you can't find what you're looking for under the relevant search heading, it's worth setting up an email alert so that we can automatically email you as soon as a suitable business comes on to the market.

Q1.5 I cannot find an answer to my question.

  1. A. If you still cannot find an answer to your question you can contact us via the feedback form and we will try to respond within 48 hours.


Q2.1 How do I save a business I like for further consideration at a later date?

  1. A. Once you have found a business you like, if you don't wish to contact the seller immediately you can either add it to your watchlist on (just click 'add to watchlist' to do this) or you can send it to yourself or a friend using the various bookmarking tools available under the 'forward to friend' and 'share' buttons on the business details pages.

Q3.1 How do I place an ad online?

  1. To place an ad online, you just need to click on the 'Sell a Business' tab at the top of the page and follow the online instructions. If you want to advertise a franchise, you can fill in your details on the franchise business registration page and we will call you back. If you are a commercial agent you can fill in the agents registration page and we will call you back.

Q3.2 I placed an advert online but cannot find it in your database.

  1. Your advertisement should appear the moment you have completed the payment process and arrive on a receipt page on If you think that you have successfully paid for your ad but it isn't showing up on the site, please contact us immediately and we will set this right for you. The best way to do this is to fill in the feedback form or by calling the sales team on 020 8603 5141.

Q3.3 How do I renew or amend my advert?

  1. You can amend or renew your advert by logging in, clicking the 'My Daltons' tab and then following the onscreen instructions. You can also keep track of views and responses that your advertisement might have received.

Q3.4 Are my financial details secure when I place an advert online?

  1. All transactions are carried out over Netbanx's secure payments server, which communicates directly with your bank to ensure that your card details remain private. If you have any doubts over your own internet security, we can also take payment over the telephone. Our sales team can be reached on 020 8603 5141.

Q3.5 My advert is coming up for renewal. Does my advert renew automatically?

  1. In an effort to ensure the highest levels of security, we do not hold your credit card details on file. As a result, we cannot offer an automatic renewals service for your advertisement, and you will be asked to re-enter your card details on the Netbanx page whenever you renew an advertisement. If you intend to place a large volume of advertisements with us regularly over an extended period of time, we may be able to arrange alternative payment methods; please click here to learn more about agent accounts.

Q3.6 I have placed an advert online - how can I tell how many people have viewed my ad?

  1. If you log in to the website and click on the 'My Daltons' tab at the top, you will be taken to a page where you can find this information.