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The process of selling a business is never straightforward; there are lots of pitfalls and compliance issues that you may not have considered especially as it unlikely that you have ever sold a business. It is never as simple as placing an advert and waiting for enquiries to come through. Confidentiality and due process need careful thought and planning in order to get the maximum value and avoid being taken advantage of.

Business Partnership has guided 1000’s of clients through to a successful and fruitful businesses sale. We offer a personal and local service; the whole of the transaction is managed by experienced and trained Regional Partners/Principals who operate from a local office close to you. In the past 40 years or so we have handled business sales in every business sector and all values; whilst we come at a cost we are reasonable, honourable and have integrity. It is more than likely that we will achieve an exit value greater than you can achieve independently, even after our fees.

Why not ask your local Regional Partner to provide a free valuation and proposal; after all you will receive some free advice if nothing else. Many businesses start to decline when they are being independently marketed, why not pass the selling of your business over to us allowing you to concentrate on the business and therefore optimise value. If you need help please click "Sell with us" and we will do the rest.    

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Looking to sell your business and want a Free Valuation.

Business Partnership is dedicated to Business sales, valuations and exit planning; we don’t do anything else and have over 25 local & manned offices across the whole of the UK. In the past 40 years we have sold 1000’s of businesses and many accountancy and legal practices consider us as the go to business broker for their clients. We offer a Free of charge valuation service which always comes along with some free advice from your local Regional Partner.

Our free valuation service comes with no obligation, commitment and is completely confidential. Our partners recognise that valuations may need to be out of hours away from prying ears and happy to oblige. All our partners are business owners themselves and therefore have empathy with your needs. Each valuation comes complete with a costed proposal for your consideration.

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What makes Business Partnership different?

Looking to buy a business and require guidance on its value and purchasing processes.

Buying a business is likely to be your single biggest investment decision behind buying your home. Unlike house purchases where you can use Right Move for historical price data, there is no such register for comparable business sale values. The market price of businesses for sale placed on business sale web sites are often overstated and unrealistic; additionally the processes associated with a business purchase are often very complex and the risk of getting it wrong can have dramatic and potentially ruinous financial consequences.

Business partnership has sold 1000’s of businesses and knows all the potential pitfalls and hazards associated with a business purchase. We offer a consultation service where for a modest fee we can advise you on the valuation of your target business and support you in your negotiation strategy. Our local Regional Partner will meet you, review the business, provide a valuation guide and give you a balanced appraisal of the business and its suitability for your needs. By a one to one Q & A you will be able to draw on our invaluable experience and pedigree.

Our independent and unemotional assessment may avoid you making a monumental mistake; even if your mind is already made up it will provide you with the ammunition to secure the best possible deal, save you money and avoid pitfalls. After all you would never buy a house without a survey so why buy a business without independent advice from the experts. Buy with your head not your heart.

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