How to buy a butchers

Read our guide on how to buy a butchers – celebrating National Butcher’s Week

During this year’s National Butcher’s Week, we’re exploring popular meat supply businesses and finding out just how to buy a butchers.

Despite the supermarket surge, there are plenty of thriving independent butchers shops across the nation. These shops – often owned by meat enthusiasts who have struck out on their own or inherited family businesses – have something in their armoury that supermarket chains struggle to compete with. In fact, it’s evident across great swathes of the country that small, independent and local food businesses, like butchers and delicatessens, are fighting back against the chains. And the way they can do that is through the quality and range of their products, delivered with an exemplary and personal service.

The produce available in the UK has grown significantly over the last few decades, strongly influenced by the foodie revolution. Celebrity chefs, dedicated TV channels showing round-the-clock food programmes, food bloggers, pop-up restaurants and dinner clubs have now become commonplace. But real foodies and discerning customers like to shop for the best ingredients, and that’s where local butchers come into their own.

Butchers shops come in all shapes and sizes too, but lots of them now combine some sort of deli-counter to cater for all tastes. Like any successful small business, butchers have had to adapt to stand out. If you’re wondering how to buy a butchers that is already very successful, you probably won’t want to make any changes. But, if there’s room for improvement, it will be worth considering the area in which you live, the local demographics and shop location to determine what adaptions you could make.

So, what type of person buys a butchers? It’s unlikely to be a vegetarian, of course, or anyone squeamish about handling raw meat. Unless you build a chain of shops and employ specialists, as the owners you’re likely to get your hands dirty – or at least get stuck in with the food preparation. There’s a real skill to butchery, though, so many owners are themselves Master Butchers.

But what if this is your first foray into the industry? Then you’ll either need to take on skilled employees, or quickly sharpen up those skills yourself. The great news for novices it that there are a wealth of butchery courses to be found across the country. So, if you’re wondering how to buy a butchers when you’ve never run one before, there are plenty of places where you can begin to master your craft.

Setting the art of butchery to one side for a moment, if you’re considering buying a butchers you’ll also need to master the art of running a business. From sourcing the best products, through to stock control, finance, staffing and administration, you’ll need to handle most of the tasks that every small business owner faces. The good news is that you can find plenty of help and advice on these facets, many of which can be found in our guides here.

Running any small business takes drive, determination and dedication. The same advice goes to anyone wondering how to buy a butchers. But if you’re genuinely passionate about your product, and know your Pancetta from your Porchetta, then why not take a look at the 100s of butchers for sale here.

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How to buy a butchers