How to buy a coffee shop

How to buy your own coffee shop

It hasn’t yet surpassed a cup of tea as the nation’s favourite hot beverage, but there will be around 95 million cups of coffee drunk in the UK today – up 25 million in the last decade alone. And that’s not just because today is International Coffee Day, it’s happening every day of the year. From your bog-standard instant thrown into a mug in the morning, through cafetieres, capsules and bean-to-cup barista masterpieces, our daily cup of coffee is enjoyed throughout society and across generations. You can’t have failed to notice how many coffee shops have popped up on our high streets over the past two decades. They’re commonplace and in-demand. So, if you’re thinking of entering the trade and would like to know how to buy a coffee shop, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Where do you begin? One of your first options is to buy a coffee shop that is already trading. A going concern in an area close to you, and at a price you can afford. Whether you have just a few thousand to spend on a leasehold coffee shop for sale near you, or hundreds of thousands to pay for a freehold business, there’s a business for sale out there right now.

There is another option for you, and that’s to invest in a coffee franchise chain. Everyone has heard of Costa, of course, and it is one of the most recognised franchised brands trading in the UK today. But there are other brands currently recruiting. You could find out more about coffee franchises for sale, and franchising in general, at this week’s National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham.

What about starting your own coffee shop business? It’s a little more risky than buying a coffee shop that’s been trading for a while, but it could pay you back if you get it right. The real cost of a cup of coffee is incredibly low – beans, hot water and a cup. Encourage customers to bring in their own cups and you’re making a timely environmental statement. Keep your overheads modest, run the business yourself until you can employ dedicated staff to replicate your standards, and you could soon be profitable and doing something you’re passionate about.

If you don’t want to buy a coffee shop, but still love the idea of working with and serving hot beverages, you could always look at a concession or a mobile coffee business. Like other mobile catering businesses, delivering coffee in a van to offices and businesses, or paying for a pitch at fetes or sports events, can be a great way of making money from the nation’s thirst for caffeine.

What will you choose to celebrate International Coffee Day? Don’t settle for a spoon of granules in a mug at home. Go out and support your local coffee shop. Buy a cappuccino from a concession, get a flat white from your franchised outlet. In doing so, you’ll be supporting the businesses that support your community. And you could pick up a few tips if you’re ready to start a coffee shop of your own.

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How to buy a coffee shop