If there’s a job that needs doing, there’s money to be made!

Let’s look at some of the less attractive businesses that rake in great returns

When you browse through the thousands of businesses for sale on DaltonsBusiness.com, you’ll find a wide array of opportunities. Some are pretty glamorous, such as yacht brokers, luxury hotels and spa retreats. But what about the more run-of-the-mill businesses that can make you even more money? These businesses might seem a little less glamorous – think pest control, drainage contractors, or waste collectors – but, importantly, they aren’t affected by economic factors or seasonality. These less-attractive businesses won’t be every investors cup of tea, but the smartest business owners understand that they provide services that will always be in demand.

Less glamorous, but hugely popular businesses, that make you money

Some of these less glamorous businesses provide a more discretionary service. A car wash, an oven cleaner or a launderette aren’t absolutely essential concerns. After all, you can always clean your own car, your oven and your clothes. But businesses like these, which might seem less attractive to some, are popular amongst time-poor consumers who can afford to pay somebody else to do their dirty work for them. There are thousands of businesses like this out there, and that’s because they rake in great returns.

Less discretionary, less dazzling, but providing a much-needed service

Businesses that are less discretionary, though, are arguably the ones that the smartest of investors get involved with. These investors won’t be doing the work or getting their hands dirty themselves, of course, but they will own businesses that provide necessary, albeit, less-alluring services.

Take the Colourfence franchise as an example. There’s nothing particularly sexy about fencing (the boundary kind, not the one with swords!). A garden fence is a product that, once installed, we’d prefer to forget about. But if you become a Colourfence franchisee, you wouldn’t be the one installing the fences every day. Nor would you need to dig holes in the cold and wet of the British winter (and, quite probably, the cold and wet British summer too) The company has 50 franchisees across the UK, and these local entrepreneurs enjoy healthy profits, while employing fence installers to do the manual work.

How less glamorous businesses make great money for their owners

At the time of writing this, there’s an industrial cleaning service business for sale with an annual turnover of £4million and EBITDA of more than £900,000. There’s also a domestic and commercial drainage and plumbing company that invoices £2.3million annually with a gross profit of more than £800,000. Cleaning, plumbing and drainage are services that homes, or businesses, will always need. So, no surprise, then, that these less glamorous businesses make so much money.

If there’s a job that needs doing, there’s money to be made

When you consider buying a business, what are the key factors that come into mind? Is it the lifestyle, the money or the status? For lots of us, it is lifestyle, and for some it might be status. But the overriding reason for going into business for yourself – or buying a business for sale – is to make money. Isn’t it?

Whatever the businesses you’re looking for, remember some of the less desired trades and services will always bring in the pounds. As the business owner, you won’t need to get your hands dirty yourself either. And these less glamorous, high-demand businesses aren’t fashionable or a passing fancy. They’re always needed, and they’ll always make money.

In short, when you’re searching for a business for sale, look for a business that is pretty-much a necessity, not just a pretty business!

If there’s a job that needs doing, there’s money to be made!