The top 10 categories on Daltons

A look at the most popular businesses on – 2018 vs 2017

If you’re selling your business, wouldn’t it be nice to know how popular your sector is with business buyers? And wouldn’t it also be nice to know whether the business you’re selling will be competing with lots of other businesses of that type?

DaltonsBusiness has been connecting buyers with businesses for sale for over 150 years – as a newspaper to begin with, of course, and then for the last 16 years as the leading website for anyone looking to buy or sell a business or a franchise. We regularly assess the most popular categories across the website, determined in two ways: by the number of businesses listed for sale in a particular sector, and by how many people are searching for businesses for sale in that sector.

Take a look at the table below, and you’ll see that restaurants top the most listed businesses for sale. And it’s been the same for the last six years. Cafes, convenience stores and takeaways have always been in the top four places behind restaurants – albeit in a different order for the last two years. If you’re selling a business in the food sector then, you’re competing with more businesses of the same ilk. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll find they’re also some of the most popular categories with business buyers too.

Top business types listed on (% increase in 2018 vs 2017)
  1. Restaurants +8%
  2. Cafes +14%
  3. Takeaways (Other) +10%
  4. Convenience Stores -1%
  5. Other Service Businesses +66%
  6. Pubs +7%
  7. Bars +29%
  8. Off Licences +8%
  9. Fast Food Restaurants +11%
  10. Other Retail businesses +10%

Other service businesses is the highest climber, with a 66% increase in listings in the last 12 months. If you’re selling a business in the service category in general, you’re in good company. Bars is a newcomer to the top 10, coming in just behind the perennial pubs and just ahead of off licences, which has been in the top 10 since 2014. Two more newcomers are fast food restaurants and ‘other retail businesses’, which have taken the place of fish & chip shops and hotels and motels last seen in 2017’s list.

What about the business for sale categories that have the highest number of enquiries then? Take a look at the table below, and you’ll see that top spot last year was cafes, with convenience stores in second place. These have swapped places this year, with convenience stores receiving 15% more enquiries than cafes in August 2018. Restaurants, pubs and fish & chip shops make up the rest of the top five, followed this year by newsagents, public houses, Post Offices, off licenses and bars.

Most enquired to business on (% increase in 2018 vs 2017)
  1. Convenience Stores +53%
  2. Cafes +37%
  3. Restaurants +49%
  4.  Pubs +45%
  5. Fish & Chip Shops +32%
  6. Newsagents +52%
  7. Public Houses +44%
  8. Post Offices +53%
  9. Off Licences +59%
  10. Bars +60%

Don’t worry if you’re selling a business in a different category, though, as everything from coffee shops to guest houses and from hairdressers salons to caravan parks get a significant proportion of the monthly enquiries. What’s more, in August of this year, the three listings that got more interest than any other businesses for sale on Daltons were a care home for sale in Surrey, a petrol station forecourt convenience store for sale in Herefordshire and a restaurant for sale in Cambridge.

Whatever type of business you are selling, there is a category for you on DaltonsBusiness. And with around 90,000 business buyers visiting the site every week, it’s the perfect place to advertise when selling your business.




The top 10 categories on Daltons