What type of businesses for sale are vegetarian-friendly?

Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles have become increasingly popular. In fact, an estimated one in every eight of us in the UK doesn’t eat meat. Whether it’s for ethical, environmental or health reasons, turning to a largely plant-based diet is good for the planet – and the animals are pretty happy about it too! There is even a flexitarian movement that allows for the odd piece of meat and fish – just not every day and at every meal. Less regimented, perhaps, but around a third of the population are actively trying to cut down on their meat intake.

All of which means a meat-free diet is more mainstream than ever before, something that’s celebrated in this month’s National Vegetarian Week. What better time than now, then, to look at businesses that support vegetarian cooking and eating? There are thousands of businesses for sale at any one time, and many of these will tap into the zeitgeist for healthy eating, wellbeing and a vegetarian lifestyle.

The most obvious businesses that come to mind are restaurants. And you’ll find several vegetarian and vegan restaurants for sale on DaltonsBusiness. If you understand that there’s more to meat-free dining than a mung-bean curry, and know your tofu from your tempeh, perhaps a thriving vegetarian restaurant could be your next business venture?

What about a meat-free delicatessen? A deli is a business that often specialises in artisan produce that’s less processed and less mass-produced. And that type of ‘whole food’ ethos chimes with many people who have adopted a vegetarian, or vegan, lifestyle. And, of course, a vegetarian is nothing without some vegetables to eat! So, where better to source natural, often organic produce, than a traditional greengrocer? You can find dozens of greengrocers for sale on DaltonsBusiness at any one time too.

Strict vegetarians will read the labels on more than just food packaging, though. They have to think before buying everything from shampoo to shoes, and from make-up to medicines. Thankfully lots of cosmetics and toiletries are cruelty free now. But, if you own a salon, a hairdressers or are involved in supplying any beauty products, you could be missing out on a huge client base if your stock is tested on animals. And what about the clothes on our backs? Or, more importantly, the animal-free clothes that vegetarians prefer to wear. Yes, you can now get vegan ‘leather’ boots, belts and handbags – items a savvy clothes shop owner might want to promote to a growing, and discerning, vegetarian audience.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you can find plenty of businesses that appeal to meat-free eaters. Whether that’s this week, or at any time of the year. If you’re interested in this type of article, or small business advice, there’s lots more to read on DaltonsBusiness.

What type of businesses for sale are vegetarian-friendly?