7 Advantages to Invest in Children’s Education Franchise

The education sector has been lately flooded with savvy entrepreneurs. The high demand for quality education has made businesses in the field highly profitable. And from this new equation, everybody can profit! Children and parents can enjoy quality education, investors have new, thrilling ways to invest the surplus, and expand their investment portfolio. See, everybody has something to win!

Education is now more offering than ever. New studying fields have been included in the curriculum, mainly because of the high demand for trained workforce in STEM and other innovative sectors. This has offered investors franchising opportunities. According to many financial analysts, this is one of the fields that will never cease to exist. You can live without processed food, soft drinks, etc., but education is the cornerstone of a healthy, functional society. Other advantages of investing in children’s education franchise, below.

#1. You Can Be Your Own Manager and Change Children’s Lives

Obviously, when starting a business people think of the biggest advantage of all: they get to be their own bosses. Children’s education franchises are a good start for people who have never owned a business of themselves previously. Because all legal, financial, and technical support aspects are handled by the franchise, people with relatively little investment experience can enjoy being their own managers and bosses. The schedule is flexible, and you’ll get to enjoy holidays same as children do.

With a strong name in the education sector, you will also receive a lot of recognition. You will also have the power to make a difference in children’s lives. You’ll be able to offer them cutting-edge learning opportunities, backed by science and technology.

#2. Brand Image is Already Established

Brand awareness and reputation automatically transfer to all new franchises open by the company. The hard work of building a recognizable brand has already be done by the franchise owners. They have built a name and a reputation in time, and you get to use these to generate revenue.

Remember that building brand awareness goes beyond creating a recognizable logo. A brand is a set of emotions, feelings, and associations people get when they think about the company itself. It’s the brand voice, its’ identity in the ruthless business world, its’ authority in the niche.

In education, all these elements of a brand are held high. Penetrating the market with a new product, service, or business model is almost impossible. This is why franchising is a smart decision.

#3. Low Initial Investment

Creating a new educational product usually involves big investments. This isn’t the case when you decide to open an education franchise.

These start-ups have low investment needs in the incipient phases, but also fast rates of return on investment. To make their businesses attractive, these companies set reasonable franchise frees. You can use all their assets, free of any costs, once you acquire the business.

#4. Tech & Curriculum Support

Novel educational products and services are based on the latest technologies. This usually demands heavy investments in technical support.

However, children’s education franchises come with comprehensive and integrated operating systems for billing and fee collection purposes. All parent companies and schools are committed to helping small franchises to update, maintain, and run all the necessary systems and programs to operate smoothly. They also come with a free website. But, fear not, you won’t have to deal with maintenance and updates. This is also part of the parent company’s duties.  

Education franchises also come with comprehensive curriculum support. At the acquisition, they offer a set of materials and resources aligned at the highest education standards.

  • Teacher guidelines
  • Overview sheets
  • Evaluation tests
  • Test sheets
  • Lesson activity sheets
  • Format for written homework
  • Goals and objectives for both students and teachers
  • Detailed, up to date lesson plans
  • Teaching methodologies.
  • Activities on the concepts discussed in class

#5. School Set Up Aid

The competition is fierce in education. Parents have stringent requirements from the schools they send their children to study. Penetrating local communities becomes increasingly difficult in this context. Only modern, establishments thrive in competitive markets. Fortunately, education franchises come with all the necessary infrastructure, plus support for concept planning, design, the layout of interiors specified in the Manual.

Most education franchises have a centralized purchasing system. This comes as a big plus in the purchasing process. These systems offer access at books, uniforms, school and office furniture, at competitive prices.  

#6. Training and Development

One of the biggest downsides of owning a business is the need for constant training and development opportunities for employees. Although this will offer you the perk of skilled and knowledgeable staff, it will fall hard on your bank accounts.

Education franchises come with the huge perk of free training and development sessions. All staff hired by your newly-acquired business will be trained at the highest standards. Parent schools have in-house training departments which organize sessions accordingly to the highest standards. Highly specialized trainer with child psychology, emotional health and education will help you bring your school to perfection.

#7. Quality Assurance

To remain valuable and competitive in the education sector, schools have to prove their standards correspond to the highest demands. Quality assurance is usually carried out through audits and monitoring teams. The best part of these evaluations is that your business will have growth and improvement opportunities. They are a good aid in reaching perfection in teaching methods and methodologies, standardized practices and compliance assurance.

Final Thoughts

Education standards have become more stringent and severe. Fortunately, this allows children to acquire proper education and find realistic employment opportunities in the future. But this comes with another advantage, for investors, this time. With a high demand for quality education services, franchise opportunities have emerged. As of lately, the number of children’s education franchises has grown, not without offering some perks to business-savvy investors.


Lori Jones is an educator and children’s psychology expert at WoWGrade.net. She also collaborates with Studicus.com where she shares her experience on modern education and helps readers adopt innovative methods to develop new competencies.

7 Advantages to Invest in Children’s Education Franchise