How to deliver exceptional customer service

Franchising: How to deliver exceptional customer service

According to a recent Walker study, 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience by 2020…

Originally from France, I have lived in Jersey since 2000. I capitalised on the experience I gained in hospitality and set up my own Customer Experience franchise in 2009, The Busy Queen Bee. I am listed a Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru and I guide individuals and businesses through their customer service journey, empowering them to make the necessary changes in order to be successful and boost profitability. Today, I share with you my top tips on improving customer service in your franchises….

Why is delivering exceptional customer service important for your franchise?

• Increase your referrals and recommendations through word of mouth
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Reduce staff turnover and recruitment fees
• Grow your customers’ shopping basket size
• Increase brand awareness and loyalty
• Reduce customer complaints and negative comments on social media

My Top Tips for improving customer service in your franchise

1) Putting the customer first

There are many facets involved in running a thriving business; but perhaps the most important one for all to grasp is the concept of putting the customers at the heart of everything we do, and being totally Customer Centric.

2) Mystery shopping

A mystery shopping programme allow franchise owners to get quick, reliable and quality feedback from the customers perspective.
It can help you to identify areas for improvement and ensure your employees are following brand standards. Measuring your franchises’ services when you only have one Franchisee is manageable, but measuring the service and the quality control when you have 2 or 200 Franchisees is another story…mystery shopping is the secret to keep you, the Franchisor, informed on your brand’s standard. You can also use mystery shopping to gain insight into your competitors.

3) Customers now expect more than just good customer service

New expectations have been created in terms of value, service and experience for customers, which the average high street shop has (in many cases) simply failed to deliver.
By delivering exceptional customer experience, you influence customer behaviours, thoughts and emotions every time they walk through your doors. By not only just meeting your customers’ expectations but exceed their expectations – this ultimately increases your bottom line turning your business into a thriving and buzzing business.

4) Adding value to your employees increases customers loyalty

If your employees feel valued, they will in return make your customers feel valued – it’s an easy way to dramatically increase your customers’ loyalty and also reduce your staff turnover. Consider offering loyalty schemes, extra holiday allowances, staff days out and regular performance reviews.

5) Listen to the voice of your customers

More than ever, the customer has a voice and they certainly know how to use it. With the increase of social media, referral websites and the speed of technology, the ‘Word of Mouse’ is the fastest way to make or break a business – so use it to your advantage and be seen as listening to your customers’ voice. Ensure you respond quickly to complaints, reply and follow through social media queries, carry out customer surveys regularly to gain feedback, and listen and act on the feedback.

6) Employee training

Taking the time to train and develop your employees is key to keeping your customers happy. This doesn’t just mean training employees when they first arrive, but holding regular sessions to ensure your customer service standards continue to be adhered to over time. This means your employees will be confident in dealing with all customer queries and your customers will receive the best service possible.

After all, your customer is the blood stream of your business. So, remind your Franchisees to do everything in their power to put their customers at the centre of everything they do – not once – not twice – but consistently every time.

Have you got a passion for good customer service? If you’re interested in running your own Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise Business, visit The Busy Queen Bee for more details…

How to deliver exceptional customer service