Noodle Performance Arts

We are an award-winning provider of performing arts, dance classes and parties for children from walking age. We are now expanding across the UK and are looking for enthusiastic and hard-working franchisees to join our growing team.

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Noodle Performance Arts

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own performing arts business but with the security of being part of an established brand. 

Are you looking for an exciting and affordable business opportunity?

Do you want to turn your passion for the performing arts into a rewarding and profitable career?

Noodle Performance Arts offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss without the same level of risk as starting your own venture from scratch. We provide flexible and affordable performing arts training for youngsters from walking age up.

All our classes focus on having fun whilst learning.  There are no expensive uniforms and no stressful exams. Our informal approach is popular with both parents and children and we know our sessions are more accessible and appealing than those offered by traditional stage schools. This means you have a larger potential customer base than your competitors.

Becoming a Noodle franchisee is a chance to invest in your own success and we will be there to support you every step of the way. We make sure you have everything you need to run your business right from the start, including all your lesson plans and equipment.

What Do I Get For My Investment?

For a franchise fee of just £7,500 + VAT, you will be given your own Noodle territory which is exclusive to you. We only accept one Noodle franchisee per area and make sure none of our franchises are in direct competition with each other.

Your five-year renewable franchise agreement is drafted in line with British Franchise Association guidelines. 

Your franchise fee includes ALL of the following:

  • Use of the Noodle Performance Arts brand, including logo
  • Full training, including accommodation
  • Lesson plans for all your Noodle classes
  • Development of new lesson plans in the future
  • Party plans for a range of children’s party packages
  • The party and class equipment needed to start your business
  • Marketing materials, including flyers and posters for your launch
  • A comprehensive manual to help you run your business
  • Ongoing management and marketing support
  • A page on the Noodle Performance Arts website to help customers find your business
  • A bespoke Noodle email address

You will need to allow for insurance policies and licences, including public liability insurance, although we can give you further advice and information on what cover your franchise will need and who are the most competitive providers.

What Kind Of Income Can I Expect To Earn?

At Noodle Performance Arts, we firmly believe that you get out of a business what you put into it. We give you the ingredients you need to run a successful franchise but you will need to provide the passion, enthusiasm, ambition and hard work to ensure your business fulfils its true potential.

We expect all our Noodle franchises to be achieving a turnover of £95,000 with a net profit of £46,000 by the end of the second year. This figure is realistic and achievable but it is just an estimate and your actual results will depend on you as a franchisee.

Take the first step of your Noodle journey by getting in touch with us today.

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