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Coffee Franchise Opportunities

Creams British Luxury Franchise Coffee Franchise

Creams British Luxury Franchise

A CREAMS tea house is the height of luxury and decadence, offering customers wonderful...

Coffee Blue Coffee Franchise

Coffee Blue

Coffee Blue has been designed from the ground up to be the best mobile coffee...


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The key questions to ask when buying a franchise

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Buying a Coffee Franchise in the UK

Whether consumed in a takeaway paper cup or on a café premises, the average cup of coffee consumed in the UK is sold at an exceptionally high markup. As a result, the UK is home to thousands of successful coffee shops and coffee suppliers.
With prices generally ranging from £1.50 to £3.00, a cup of coffee is a popular ‘personal treat’ for many that won’t break the bank in moderation; its relatively low cost, combined with the sharpening effects of caffeine, have helped coffee gradually earn a permanent place in the morning routine of millions of UK citizens. Compared to alcohol or tobacco, coffee is a low-impact vice, but the addictive properties of a cup of coffee mean that demand for the product remains strong in all seasons. 
If you want to run a successful coffee franchise, you’ve got to cater to a customer base with finely-tuned taste. Your beans have to be roasted and ground to perfection and you will need to know your Arabica from your Robusta. There are a series of very specific rules that affect the flavour of a cup of coffee: for instance, when heating milk with a steam wand, if the milk is heated beyond 68 degrees Celsius, it burns and tastes sour. Information like this is vital if you want to make a success of your coffee business – as a franchisee, you can benefit from staff training programmes that ensure your whole team understand the principles behind a great tasting cup of coffee.
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