Distribution Franchises and Business Opportunities

Distribution opportunities are available across nearly every industry sector, and suit many different levels of ambition and investment. Find your ideal distribution business opportunity below.

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D Power, Domino's Pizza
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Mobile Phone Charging Distribution Franchise

Mobile Phone Charging

Mobile phone charging vending is currently very successful in the Far East and the United States. Now it’s proving to do the same in the UK &...

Snack in the Box Distribution Franchise

Snack in the Box

Snack-in-the-Box specialise in providing vending solutions to small/medium size businesses that previously haven't qualified for vending.

Agency Express Distribution Franchise

Agency Express

We've developed a comprehensive, added-value package to equip all our franchisees with a strong advantage in the services they provide. It combines...

Franchise Seminars Distribution Franchise

Franchise Seminars

Are you confident in choosing the right franchise to invest in for your future? Reduce the risk by attending a FREE educational franchise seminar.

A Guide To Distributor Franchises

The distribution industry is big business, but it doesn’t have to be a big initial capital spend. Many distribution franchisees start out with a scalable, low-maintenance business opportunity providing them with the room and support required to start a self-employed career at an affordable level. 

Depending on your budget and your ambition, you can choose from a range of distribution franchises. Some business opportunities require you to build up to a large warehouse operation, while other small one-man-van opportunities can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. The common thread in every distribution opportunity is that the territory you secure can prove to be your most important asset. The size of the geographic area, the quality of the area’s road network and the volume and mix of residential and commercial customers will define your business’s future. Make sure you have discussed the territory’s opportunities and limitations in-depth with the franchisor before you make your purchase, and you could soon be on the way to running your own successful distribution business.