Football Franchises

Is your goal to work for yourself? Search football franchises currently recruiting for franchisees and you could soon be making your passion for football pay! UK football franchises are listed below.

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Buying a Soccer Franchise

Football is the world’s most popular sport, played by over 250 million people in more than 200 countries worldwide. Football has existed in various forms around the world for centuries, but the modern game was largely codified in England in the 19th century, making England the birthplace of modern day soccer.

Football franchises in the UK cash in on the nation’s long-standing enthusiasm for this sport. Franchisees the opportunity to spend their working hours working in a sport that they love and taking charge of their own income at the same time. 

Some football franchises run as services supplying local football clubs, such as tropy engraving franchises, but the most popular business model in this area is the football club or football training franchise. With this model, the franchisee runs a soccer school or after-work soccer league, taking on responsibility for sourcing the pitches, equipment and staff. These business models require a lot of marketing expertise to ensure that there are sufficient member numbers; the football franchise you’re interested in can teach you more about how to manage and promote your community should you become a franchisee.