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How Does £1000 A Week Profit Sound? Fully Automated Premium Rate Telephone Business incl. 1150 Numbers With Attached High Earning Mixed Themes (Tarot, Horoscope, Dating, Tipster, Adult options) Including National Weekly Advertising

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A Guaranteed Minimum Profit From Call Revenue For 1st 7 Months - Let Us Show You What Just 1 Premium Rate Line Makes Before You Invest A Penny - No Experience Required -  After 28 Day Trial There's A Further Risk Free Full 7-Month Period - We Can Have Your New Business Transferred, Advertised & Earning Within 3-days - Once In A lifetime Opportunity To Purchase A Fully Operational Premium Rate Telephone Business - We Set Everything Up For You And Hand It Over Fully Operational, You Need Do Nothing More Or Add Further Advertising, But It Is Up To You


If you are looking for a business with longevity and one that will give you good profits year in, year out for many years to come? Then the premium rate telephone sector could be exactly what you are looking for? It’s a passive fully automated business model often overlooked, but makes serious profits for their owners. Hence you do not often see operational premium rate lines for sale. In the UK premium rate lines were born in the early 1980’s and the sector has grown year in, year out ever since with no signs of slowing.


Why Are You Selling If They Make Good Profits?


Due to new regulations the premium rate telephone regulator has instructed us to reduce our own stock of premium rate lines we hold to ensure competition in the sector is fair. Under the new regulation you can now only hold / operate a maximum of 1500 live premium rate lines at one time. 


We hold a stock of 2650 premium rate lines and attached themes; therefore, we have to dispose of 1150 to comply. If we do not depose of the lines as requested, the regulator will take them all back and we lose the opportunity to pass them onto a new owner, hence the lower than normal package cost (which will cover just our expenses) (Do your due diligence on us - We are a large UK company that has a wide range of interests including a major software infrastructure for online gaming and robotics - Improbable R - Company No. 08070525 - PSA Reg. No ORG837-57745-82447) 


Premium rate telephone numbers are an excellent revenue stream, allowing you to earn a revenue for each minute a customer calls your lines. An average premium rate tariff is £1.53 (profit is 80p) with revenue paid to the supply chain accordingly. As an example of just how lucrative the mixed theme premium rate telephone line sector is: Sunday Sport & Mid-Week Sport Newspaper: The perfect platform to advertise the 1150  premium rate lines it has a readership of 100,000+ and 70% of these use premium rate lines on at least a weekly basis…  With a daily conversion rate of just 0.1% that equates to 70 callers a day! With the minimum hold time of 3-minutes that equates to a minimum daily profit (80p per minute) non- VAT registered) of £168.00 – Weekly £1,176.00 – 28-Days £4,704.00 (Full facts and figures are further down the listing)


The premium rate industry is stronger than ever. All major TV programs / shows use premium rate lines to generate extra massive income. Smaller business and individuals thrive providing of services to the general public, just look in the back of newspapers and glossy magazines (FHM, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Nuts, Sunday Sport, Max Power or almost any other best-selling publications) The same premium rate ads are placed again and again, month by month. In most cases, they have been running non-stop for years. Why?  These adverts make money! It is a common misconception that premium rate numbers are reserved for big companies, this is untrue, anyone can get involved in this sector.


We have a package of ready-made, off-the-shelf premium rate lines with attached themes. All the content has been take care of along with the regulatory and technical aspects of running a phone service.  No equipment is required. It can sound complicated, but is really very simple and we will have everything set up for you and hand it over fully operational. You can just sit back and watch your lines generate good passive profits.  


Whether you are an individual / entrepreneur looking to start up a business, a company looking to invest in new sectors which give a good return on investment this is a unique opportunity to purchase a large batch of premium rate lines with fully managed themes attached, this may be an existing opportunity to consider taking advantage of.  Premium rate numbers offer a great business opportunity to own your own business that is easy to manage. Premium rate lines with attached theme operate 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year, they are always earning.


You will require no prior knowledge or have any experience in this sector, though you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. It is totally passive, full automated and requires very little input once it has been transferred over to you.


We will do all the setting up of your regulator account for you and ensure all the lines are live, connected to a service, advertising in place before paying anything.


Total Anonymity: Many people would like to get involved in premium are lines but due to the so called “stigma” attached (or believing It’s all too complicated) they do not get involved. Your ID as line owner will be kept “secret” from the public as your theme provider will show up on the PSA as the theme operator registration.




Running premium rate lines has become an extremely lucrative opportunity for individuals as well as business.  We have put together a complete full managed package to enable anyone who wishes to get involved in this booming business to invest. The package will include the following:




62 x Weekly /Yearly Horoscope – Psychic - Tarot - All Different Themes


5 x Horse Racing - All Different Themes 


10 x Weather - All Different Themes


3 x Jokes - All Different Themes


60 x Interactive Lines – All Different Themes


90 x Live Chat - All Different Themes


62 x Virtual Chat - All Different Themes


864 x Adult  -All Different Themes (Optional) 


For the full list of number and themes we are including please contact us to receive the PDFs which list them all - All are set at the £1.53 per minute tariff. We have activated each of the lines so you can ring any of the numbers to trial the services.




What Is A Fully Managed Premium Rate Services?


The adult lines are the most lucrative line. These make over £700 million in the UK every year and growing. You are not required to provide any services or themes or answer any calls. A third-party bureau does all this for you... There are no standing fees to attached to these bureau’s services / themes. They just take a cut of the per minute revenue. The cut they take is 23 pence per minute. They refresh the content on a regular base’s and with live chat they are then incentivised to keep these callers online as long as possible and to get them back again and again. The theme provider used is: Roldvale Limited and these will show up a number theme operator. Both the live and recorded services offer a wide variety of adult content cover most genres.


RECORDED CONTENT: The managed service provider supplies recorded content for each of the line’s themes. These vary in length from 5 minutes up to 10 minutes. The provider updates the recorded content on a regular basis to keep it fresh.


LIVE: The managed services attached to each of the premium rate lines removes the stress from operating a live service with operators. The service providers handle all the HR and admin issues, such as ensuring sufficient operators are available on the phone lines to handle calls, paying of the operators, monitoring and quality checking of calls as well as managing retention and quality, experienced operators (I.e.: experience adult operators, experienced psychic readers etc) Hold times are up to 20 minutes on live services.


All of the managed services comply with the regulators rules and regulation and have the appropriate licences where required.


We do include other non-adult content themed lines with the package of numbers including weather, tipsters, psychic, horoscope, tarot, AA info etc…




                                                               Inbuilt Advertising Included With A Guaranteed Minimum Of Call Revenue For 1st Seven Months


All your premium telephone numbers and attached themes will be uploaded on to web site or Facebook page. This web site or Facebook page will then be advertised on an ongoing basis in the Sport Newspapers. You do not need to pay for the adverts directly a 5p a minute call levy will be made on all calls made to your lines… We include a guaranteed minimum profits from call revenue for the first seven months to a help you plan ahead (See our information packages for full details) 


Sunday Sport Advertising: The perfect platform to advertise the 1150 premium rate lines on a web site or in smaller groups in individual adverts, it has a readership of 100,000+ and 70% of these use premium rate lines on at least a weekly basis…  


With a daily conversion rate of just 0.1% that equates to 70 callers a day! (for revenue split please see further down)


Under the regulations all adverts must include a customer service number and address. The theme provider provide this service for their clients. Therefore, their customer service details are included with all advertising. This is provided within the theme providers advertising levy paid on each call.


The complete package cost is £1154 plus VAT (£999 plus £155 plus VAT fee payable to the regulator) There is nothing more to pay, no monthly fees / rentals or hidden extras.


To receive our information PDF along with the full list of premium rate lines and themes to be included please contact us.

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