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Thinking of franchising on a national scale? Talk to the franchise brands listed here, who are all recruiting for master franchises to cover larger territories.

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Nationwide Cleaners Master Franchises Franchise

Nationwide Cleaners

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*, work from home, flexible hours, profitable management franchise. Financing available. Winner best cleaning franchise. A.F.A....

Puncturesafe Master Franchises Franchise


With a PunctureSafe business, you will be able to start and operate your own business, providing a unique permanent puncture prevention system to...

UK People Finder Master Franchises Franchise

UK People Finder

We firmly believe that our 'People Tracing' Franchise is the most financially rewarding and interesting available. £100,000 p.a. year one...

Agency Express Master Franchises Franchise

Agency Express

We've developed a comprehensive, added-value package to equip all our franchisees with a strong advantage in the services they provide. It combines...

Franchise Seminars Master Franchises Franchise

Franchise Seminars

Are you confident in choosing the right franchise to invest in for your future? Reduce the risk by attending a FREE educational franchise seminar.

Information on Master Franchise Opportunities

In cases where a franchise brand has matured into a successful and well-known business in its own country, the franchise will want to expand internationally, but may not have the skills and workforce required to succeed in their targeted area. In cases such as these, the franchise will often sell a master franchise, granting exclusive rights to that country to an individual or company: a master franchisee.

With Master Franchises, an agreement is signed whereby the master franchisee is put in charge of a franchise brand’s operations over a vast area, such as a country or large province. Some master franchisees will take the exclusive rights to a massive territory and will use this exclusivity to build up a series of branded businesses which they wholly own. The cost of operating in this manner can often be prohibitive, so the more popular option is for a master franchisee to divide up the territory they have purchased into smaller franchise territories, which are then sold on to individuals. The master franchisee then has a responsibility to support existing franchisees and recruit new franchisees, taking a percentage of earnings from every successful branch that they set up under the master franchise licence.

Master franchises tend to carry a much higher price tag than the usual ‘owner operator’ franchise opportunity, and require a great deal of business experience to ensure that the greater responsibilities can be met. The master franchise takes on the duty of representing the brand in their country or territory, which requires an ability to work at a corporate level. The master franchisee will usually have to manage and advise multiple stores or premises at the same time, meaning a lot of time spent out on the road meeting people face-to-face.

Master franchising is a challenging business, and it requires lots of experience, capital and a keen eye for opportunity. You need to be an excellent communicator, with polished sales skills and good commercial judgement. You also need to be sure that the master franchise you take on is going to match your ambitions for growth. View the fastest growing franchises worldwide for ideas on what franchise businesses are working well at the moment.