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Pub Tenancies: How To Become A Pub Landlord

Pub franchises, more commonly known as pub leases, give you the opportunity to take on a pub business for a small start-up cost. You buy the lease, which is the right to rent the pub, and then you can purchase beer at a special rate from the brewery. You become the landlord of a ‘tied’ pub, owned by and ‘tied to’ a brewery.

Pub leaseholders need to do a lot of careful due diligence before taking on a pub lease – it’s important to get a clear and realistic idea about how much money you’re likely to be able to make, and the hours that you will need to put in to ensure your success. You also need to ensure that you have a good working relationship with the brewery – they are best place to advise you on how to make your pub successful. 

There are a series of licensing requirements that you will need to understand and comply with; the British Innkeepers Institute run a wide variety of courses that can ensure that you meet all legal requirements with regards to alcohol retail and food hygiene.

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