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Vending franchises can be started with low initial costs and can be an excellent solution for those looking to run their own small franchise opportunity. Browse vending franchises for sale here.

 The Daltons website worked wonders for us and we have now sold our business. 

James McInroy (September 2016)
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SkyCam Vending Franchises Franchise


Capture stunning images and video previously only available by plane or helicopter with your own easy to operate SkyCam aerial drone.

Snack & Toy Vending Vending Franchises Franchise

Snack & Toy Vending

Welcome to our Snack & Toy Business opportunity. Readymade Business 4 U specialise in the full setup of your chosen product into a fully operational...

Mobile Phone Charging Vending Franchises Franchise

Mobile Phone Charging

Mobile phone charging vending is currently very successful in the Far East and the United States. Now it’s proving to do the same in the UK &...

Trophy Pet Foods Vending Franchises Franchise

Trophy Pet Foods

Trophy Pet Foods has been established since the early 1990's, the first mobile pet food franchise in the UK. Since its conception, the company has...

Snack in the Box Vending Franchises Franchise

Snack in the Box

Snack-in-the-Box specialise in providing vending solutions to small/medium size businesses that previously haven't qualified for vending.

Alcohol Breathalyser Vending Franchises Franchise

Alcohol Breathalyser

Alcohol Breathalyser is a digital, fuel cell vending machine that gives accurate readings of peoples alcohol levels in the blood. By simply breathing...

A Guide to Vending Machine Franchises

There are many benefits associated with running a vending machine franchise. The cost of entry is usually lower than other franchises and business opportunities, and if the franchisee wants to expand at a later date, further territories can be purchased and set up reasonably quickly.

Regardless of whether your vending machines stock bathroom toiletries, sweets, drinks or even DVDs and books, if you can place them in popular and appropriate locations, you will generate an income with very little physical effort. Once the vending machine is in place, your duties are simply to keep the machine stocked and working. Your franchise or distribution network can help you stock your machines with bestseller products from day one, and will be able to advise you on the most lucrative locations.

Some vending distribution networks may already have their own machines set up in your territory, in which case you can purchase the right to stock and maintain those machines. It’s important to get a clear understanding of what it is you are buying before committing to a purchase – you might be taking on a lease for the machinery, or you might be buying them outright. You also need to know the precise site rental agreements that exist with the businesses and councils that host the vending machines.

You can find out more about low-cost franchise and business opportunities by reading our guide to franchises under £10K. Alternatively, view vending round businesses for sale on our business for sale directory.