Banish back-to-work blues

You can look forward to going back to work

Banish those back-to-work blues by running a business of your own…

With a promise of sunshine and a warm, dry Bank Holiday weekend, most of the country is looking forward to a few days away from work. If you’re like millions of hard-working Brits, you’ve probably been counting down the days until you can escape the office – or whatever your workplace looks like – and spend time doing something you actually enjoy. The trouble is, lots of you will be dreading going back to work again after the three-day break. It’s the same when you come back after Christmas, after Easter, or after any extended break from work. That’s not a pleasant feeling, and deep down you know you really need to make a change. The good news is that there are several options out there. And, if you choose the right one for you, then you can look forward to going back to work.

Do you envy those people who love what they do? Those friends and associates who wax lyrical about their jobs, and have a clear passion for their profession. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same? To find a career that you’ll value just as much as you do your free time. Or, even better, find a business of your own that allows you to work the hours you choose, and earn money doing something you genuinely enjoy. That way you can appreciate the long weekend just like everyone else, but also banish those back-to-work blues for good.

To begin with, why not take a look at the thousands of businesses for sale across the country? It’s likely you’ll find something that suits you there. If you’re a sporty type, then perhaps a gym or a sports coaching business will get you excited about work again. If you like working outdoors ¬– and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t when the sun finally shines on these shores – perhaps a gardening or landscaping business will keep your serotonin levels high. Conversely, if you like to be indoors and close to those you love, take a look at the hundreds of home based businesses for sale.

If this all sounds a little daunting, take heart that the number of self-employed workers in the UK has grown exponentially over the last decade. These people have taken the plunge and either started or bought a business, or found freedom and flexibility as a freelancer. The other option that can mitigate the risk of going it alone is to buy a franchise. It’s a renowned business system that means you work for yourself, but not by yourself, and can often see a faster return on your investment.

Whatever you decide is right for you, spend some time this Bank Holiday weekend working out what your work/life balance should look like. If you’re in full-time employment, you’ll spend close to a quarter of your life at work. So why would you waste another day in a job you really hate?


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Banish back-to-work blues