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Franchising is a method that allows an existing individual or new business to buy into an established business operating system, brand name and advice network.
Why Buy a Franchise: Franchise Opportunities allow franchisees to own and run their own new business, but the franchisee opens with a market reputation and franchise information already in place. With a franchise opportunity, you get a system that someone else has proved will work, so your chances of success are enhanced. Customers are more likely to trust a new business when it is a branded business franchise, as they know that the franchisee is working to a regulated franchise definition and the service will be consistent.

The Basics of How a Franchise Works: Franchises exist between two parties: Franchisee and Franchisor. A Franchisee is an individual or company, trading independently, who pays a franchise fee for the right to operate under the banner of a business franchise. The Franchisor collects this fee from franchisees and, in return, provides a combination of franchise information, franchise guidance, franchise discounts and franchise support in an effort to help the new business franchise partners to increase their trade and improve their turnover.

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What is a franchise?

What is a Franchise? You see them every day. You might not always realise it, but they’re there. In fact, they’re everywhere. From the coffee shop that makes your macchiato in the morning, to the firm that cleans the offices as

Franchising a Business

How do you franchise a business?

Franchising a Business Franchising works. It’s been proven worldwide. And there are now over 900 franchised systems operating in the UK today. There’s something for every skill and investment level too: from carpet cleaning to loft ladders, and from global

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A guide to home-based franchise opportunities

Home-based Franchise Opportunities – a guide Lots of people dream about working from home. People who are fed up of commuting miles every day; sitting on sweaty commuter trains or in rush hour traffic week after week, year after year.

Franchise businesses

The key questions to ask when buying a franchise

This might be your first foray into franchising; a tentative glance into the world of self-employment. Or you might be excitedly reading through a selection of franchise brochures, while also a little nervous about that leap into the unknown. Maybe