Market trends – April 21

Beer and wine lovers have remained dedicated to the cause since 12th April, keeping huddled under the tiny beer garden umbrellas in the wetter than usual April and May showers. But finally, 17th May arrived, bringing a welcome relief to both pub goers and pub owners.

Many restaurants will also be opening for the first time since before Christmas, with some places having to clear decorations that were still in place. Data from the Market recovery monitor (from GCA and Alix partners) shows there are 9.7% fewer restaurants, that were unable to financially continue. The third and longest lockdown was too much for many businesses. Daltons business will be hosting a webinar in June, with ASC finance, whom will help provide guidance on raising finance, which may be of value to many businesses at this time. More details to come.

Valuing a business

Business owners will be assessing the damage the lockdowns have done and whether consumer confidence will create the bounce back so urgently needed.  It is decision time for many owners. Selling a business in lockdown was tricky, and so now the economy starts to fully open, buyers will be far more confident buying a business that is open and trading. Requests for business valuations have increased. We recommend getting approx. three valuations from agents to provide a clear view of how much a business is worth. Due to the lockdown, many businesses will not be able to show the last two/three years worth of records, however most businesses are in the same boat and Agents valuing a business will be able to advise on any extra details that may need to be provided.

Most Searched and Enquired to Businesses

Search and enquiries are significantly up year on year, but we can see buyers are still holding back until many of the businesses were able to open on 17th May. The Easter break also reflects a slow down in activity, with many parents having to be more creative in keeping the family busy, as the only options available were park visits or home crafts.

The type of businesses buyers are most interested in has remained consistent. The demand for more choice in holiday lettings businesses is clear, with that type of business featuring heavy in the most searched for, but lower in most enquired to, as inventory remains low. The demand clearly outstrips supply for Campsites and Caravan Parks.

1Convenience Stores
3Off Licences
4Fish & Chip Shops
6Post Offices
9Bed & Breakfasts
10Guest Houses
Most Enquired to Businesses – April 2021
1Convenience Stores
2Caravan Parks
4Fish & Chip Shops
5Holiday Cottages
6Mobile Catering
7Off Licences
8Bed & Breakfasts
Most Searched Businesses – April 2021

Market trends – April 21