The most expensive businesses you can buy right now

Find out which businesses you can buy if money is no object

We’ve all played the game at some point in our lives. The game in which we imagine what we would spend our lottery winnings on. For some of us it might be a supercar, for others it could be a yacht or a luxury villa in the sun. Lots of us would buy our forever home – the one with the pool, the paddock and the cinema room. But how about getting that money to work for you instead? What if you decided that, rather than blowing your millions on luxuries, you used that money to invest in a business? lists thousands of businesses for sale at any one time, but which are the most expensive and why?

The most expensive businesses for sale are…

It’s perhaps no surprise that the most expensive businesses available to buy right now are in the hospitality and leisure industries. If you’re sitting on a cool €10million, you could invest your cash into a high-class restaurant and apartment complex in Alicante, Spain. If your budget is a mere seven figures, though, you might have to pare back your ambitions and consider an award-winning vineyard in Andalucia for €3,600,000. Or what about one of the best restaurants on the party island of Ibiza? It’s on the market for just under €3million, but with reported high net profits from just five month’s annual trade!

Top up your tan, and your bank balance with these businesses for sale

It’s also no surprise that many of the most expensive businesses for sale are located overseas. Typically, they’re found in tourist hotspots or places that attract the rich and famous – those picture-perfect places in the sun. And why not? After all, if money was no object and you had millions to invest in a business, wouldn’t you choose somewhere warm and sunny with a beach nearby? From high-end restaurants to swanky hotels, and all manner of nightclubs and cocktail bars, you could make your money work for you by buying an expensive business in the sun.

Meanwhile, in cooler climes and, arguably, less desirable locations…

Businesses for sale in the Costas and the Balearics might be a natural draw for high net worth individuals. But, remember, not every investment has to be about location, location, location. There are expensive businesses available in all manner of sectors, including a handful that specialise in rubbish and recycling. For just under £6.5million, you could buy a haulage company in Aberdeen that works with quarried and recycled materials. For substantially less – but still on the market at £2.5million – you might wish to acquire a midlands-based business that operates in the scrap metal sector. Never has the expression ‘where there’s muck, there’s money’ had more relevance than with these pricey and profitable businesses for sale.

We can all dream, of course. But, with more than 3.6 million households in the UK holding wealth of more than £1million, perhaps these expensive businesses for sale are more accessible than you might think. If money was no object to you, though, just what type of business would you buy? Take a look at the thousands of businesses for sale on the market right now, and pick your top ten.

The most expensive businesses you can buy right now