Why a campsite might be the perfect lifestyle business

Buying a campsite could give you a better work/life balance

Owning a lifestyle business is something many of us dream about. But, in the cold hard light of day, the realities of becoming a business owner prevent lots of us from realising that dream. And it’s true that, when running your own business, you can work longer hours for less money than the hordes who remain in a PAYE situation. Reality checks aside, though, there are some lovely businesses out there that do provide a great work/life balance. Take campsites as a perfect example. They’re popular holiday destinations here in the UK, typically located in beauty spots or in rural settings. And, given the type of custom they draw on, owning a campsite shouldn’t be a 24 hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year occupation.

Why a campsite is the perfect lifestyle business – if it fits in with your life

There are lots of lifestyle businesses out there – from bed and breakfast businesses through to dog-walking franchises. But few of them offer all of the benefits of running a campsite. Imagine waking up in the countryside, being outdoors most of the time and greeting holiday-makers who, in the main, will be in good spirits – they’re on holiday, after all!

And then imagine doing that every day – even Sundays and Bank Holidays – from spring through to the end of summer.

For that’s what a lifestyle business, like a campsite, entails. It will take over your life for at least half of the year. There’s a big hint in half of the word itself too; a lifestyle business is about marrying your business with your life. Whatever lifestyle business you choose then – whether it’s a campsite or not – make sure it fits in with your life.

No two lives are exactly the same, of course. And one person’s idea of lifestyle is going to be quite different from that of somebody else’s too. You’re not going to enjoy walking dogs if you’re allergic to all things canine. By the same token, you’re not going to find a campsite the perfect lifestyle business if you don’t enjoy dealing with people – or being outdoors!

What makes a good campsite owner?

Like any business owner – whether in a lifestyle business or anything else – you’ll need to possess certain character traits to make it successful. We’ve covered off dealing with people, but there’s more to it than that. A campsite is delivering on a promise to its customers. A promise that they’re going to be able to relax, stress free, and enjoy their well-earned holiday. So, it’s all about customer service and delivering above and beyond what those holiday-makers expect. That way you’re more likely to enjoy repeat business and attract positive reviews on websites that can make or break a campsite or holiday park.

You’ll also need good organisational skills to be able to manage operations. If your campsite is busy when it should be, you’ll be running what might be a 24-7 business. You won’t need to be awake for all of those hours, of course, but somebody might be. And you’ll need to ensure that everything, from the catering to the cleaning and the cash flow to the health and safety compliance, runs smoothly. The only thing you won’t be in control of is the weather!

How do you buy a campsite?

If you’re organised and committed, and you’ve decided that being outdoors and dealing with people is the type of lifestyle business you’d thrive in, how do you go about buying a campsite? DaltonsBusiness features thousands of businesses for sale at any one time, and has a section dedicated to campsites for sale.

Location is going to be key, and you should look for a business that will appeal to holiday makers as well as you and your family. Think national parks, forest holidays or anywhere near to the coast. The great news for campsite owners is that British holiday makers are choosing to take their breaks here in the UK. The ‘staycation’ has become increasingly popular. Whether that’s down to the poor exchange rate, a desire to support homegrown businesses or, simply, better weather these days, it’s certainly a boost for the UK tourist industry. And it’s another reason why running a campsite could be the perfect business and lifestyle decision for you.

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Why a campsite might be the perfect lifestyle business