Just the post-holiday blues or time for a career change?

Is it time for a career change?

As the summer comes to an end, the press is full of articles sharing top tips for avoiding the post-holiday blues on your return to work. Experts are drafted in to advise on how to cope with the gruelling daily commute, never-ending workload and your nightmare colleagues.

We all fall victim to the post-holiday blues from time to time. However, if time away with family and friends has given you the opportunity to reflect on your work life and you’ve concluded it is time for a change, it may be time to cut the commute, ditch the rigid schedule and be your own boss.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports that the number of people in self-employment has grown consistently since 2001. 15.1% of the UK labour force is now made up of people who work for themselves.

There are many benefits of running your own business. But for many, what that business should be and how to set it up and make a success of it proves elusive.

More than one route to business ownership

Investing in a franchise can be the ideal option if you don’t have your own idea for a business, worry about your skillset or are looking for some extra support.
By becoming a franchisee, you secure yourself the backing of an established brand which enjoys national or even international recognition among customers. You also benefit from a tried-and-tested business model in which products, back office systems and marketing plans have been optimised.

Essentially, you are buying a ‘business in a box’ which you can launch and run more quickly than going it alone. Corinne Mills, best-selling author of “Career Coach” and Managing Director of Personal Career Management who host the Careers Clinic at The Franchise Exhibitions, comments:
“The advantage of the franchise model is that you may not have all the skills necessary to run a business, but if you find a franchise which matches your interests, and which leverages the skills you do have, you have every chance of success.
“Not only do you have a proven business model to work to, but advice and support is always on hand – from the franchisor, their network of franchisees and the franchise community as a whole.”

Choosing the right brand to partner with

So, if a franchise is your key to being your own boss, how do you choose the right one for you?
When Tim Rylatt left the police force in 2008 after ten years’ service, he was frustrated to find that many of the skills and qualifications he had gained as a police officer were not recognised by recruitment agencies. Finding employment was proving to be a challenge.

A conversation with his father prompted Tim to investigate the idea of investing in a franchise, something he hadn’t considered before. Tim undertook a great deal of research, but it was a visit to The National Franchise Exhibition which led him to embark on his franchising journey with ActionCOACH and he’s in his tenth year as a co-owner of an ActionCOACH franchise with his wife, Juliet.
He explains:
“As someone with no experience or knowledge of being a business owner, the franchise model appealed because I could get training and support within an already successful business structure.”

Find out if franchising is the right path for you

The National Franchise Exhibition showcases more than a one hundred franchise brands and, over the years, thousands of visitors have attended the exhibition with an open mind as to which franchise business could best suit them. Many have left with a clear plan for which business to run and how to do it.
A visit to the event will give you the chance to explore businesses in food, fitness, domiciliary care, property maintenance, children’s activities and business services to name a few. Investment levels start below £10,000 and reach upwards of £500,000, with home, van and premises-based businesses represented.
The chance to speak with the teams behind the franchise brands, as well as their existing franchisees allows attendees to get a real feel for what it would be like to run a business with a particular franchisor. McDonald’s Insight Sessions bring those considering a franchise with the global restaurant giant together with their senior management team.

A programme of more than 60 free-to-attend seminars cover everything from the fundamentals of franchising to how to promote your business. Franchise brands will present on what it’s like to be a franchisee with them and the Real Franchise Stories create candid Q&A sessions with franchisees who are already operating franchise businesses.

If you would like to discover the franchise which is right for you come to The National Franchise Exhibition held in exclusive partnership with the British Franchise Association (bfa). Book your free tickets today using promo code DAL1.

Just the post-holiday blues or time for a career change?