National Franchise Exhibition

National Franchise Exhibition

Visit the National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham this week

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, or have coveted an existing business for sale, then you really shouldn’t ignore the franchising option. Start a franchise and you get a blend of security and independence that both mitigates your risk and rewards your efforts. Buy a franchise and you become part of a brand, with support and infrastructure that is no independent business could afford. Own a franchise and it’s your business in which you determine your success, but you’re never alone and benefit from help along the way.

So, how do you buy a franchise? An article like this is a great place to start, and you can get tons more useful advice in the dozens of franchise guides published by DaltonsBusiness. But nothing beats meeting the franchisors themselves and asking them, face-to-face, what it is that makes their business great. Even better is meeting franchisees who will give you an insight into both the pitfalls and the perks of starting a franchise.

How can you do this all under one roof? By visiting the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham on 5th and 6th October. You can speak with dozens of franchises – from fast food retailers to car repair specialists; from kitchen door replacement companies to children’s education businesses; and from cost-reduction consultancies to home care agencies – there’s bound to be a franchise for sale that suits you and your circumstances.

What’s more, at a franchise exhibition you get advice from people who’ve bought a franchise before. Existing and ex-franchisees will be happy to share their experiences in a series of informative presentations and discussion panels. This is a rare opportunity for you to hear, first hand, from seasoned pros and pick up useful hints and tips. Moreover, you can listen to their stories and decide for yourself whether you’re ready to buy a franchise.

As well as franchisees and franchisors, you’ll find plenty more industry specialists, including franchise solicitors, accountants, marketeers, consultants and the British Franchise Association itself. All of this expertise in one place, and at one time, gives you access to a wealth of franchise intelligence, helping you determine whether starting a franchise is the right career choice for you.

Before you head off for the NEC, though, think about the type of franchise you’d like to buy. Is it a home-based business that you can fit in around your domestic duties? Or would you prefer to sink your funds into something that takes up 100% of your time. Do you want to drive a van all day, work from an office or put into practice some skills that have long remained dormant? There’s something for everyone at the National Franchise Exhibition, so if you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you should get a ticket for the event today.



National Franchise Exhibition