The pros and cons of online franchises

The pros and cons of online franchises

There are ups and downs to any job. The good days and the bad. The tasks you enjoy, and those that get left until the very last minute.

It’s no different when you’re running an online franchise. Or any franchise, for that matter. What is different, though, is that you are the boss. You are in charge. Of everything.

Well, almost everything – we’re talking about a franchises after all. Which means you trade under licence from the franchisor and, as such, you have to play by their rules.

But whether you’re a franchisee or an independent operator, you are the driving force behind your business. Its success is down to you and nobody else. There’s nowhere to hide as a business owner, so you need to decide whether an online franchise, or self-employment itself, is the right career move for you.

Some people thrive on such pressure. Others crumble. Only you know which way you’ll go.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you want to run your own successful business you need to perform everyday. Without exception. And if you’re having a bad day, you can’t let that impact on anyone around you, whether that’s your staff or your customers.

You can’t mope at your desk. You can’t shut yourself away in the boardroom. You have to lead by example. If you’re an employer you’ll have to motivate and manage, discipline and delegate. Nobody else will get the work done unless you make a start on it yourself.

So, running a business certainly isn’t the easy option. And perhaps that’s why so many people stick with their nine-to-fives. Because, while there’s pressure in most jobs, it can be left at the office at the end of each day. Some people just don’t want the responsibility that comes with being the boss. But you must be different.

After all, you’re reading an article about online franchises. Perhaps you are prepared to take on the burden of business ownership because you know there is a massive upside to it all as well.

The benefits of buying an online franchise

First of all you know that, with a franchise, you have someone to turn to for help. The franchisor has developed a system that works, and you can immediately tap into their resources and proven business model. There will be training and support. There will be other franchisees going through the same ups and downs as you. You are never left totally on your own.

That level of backup is inherent in all good franchises. It’s the very least you should expect. But what about online franchises in particular? Are there other upsides linked to that sector?

Take a look at our online franchises for sale listings and you’ll find most of the online franchises are pitched at quite a low investment level. So you won’t need tens-of-thousands in the bank, nor will you need to secure a loan against your property.

You probably won’t need to take on onerous overheads either. Lots of online franchise opportunities just need a decent computer, some software, a broadband connection and plenty of time and effort. That really is low-investment.

Your working day can be pretty flexible too. You won’t necessarily have to operate during normal office hours, and that can be useful if you’re trying to juggle a business with family commitments. You don’t have to operate from a normal office either. Many online franchises allow you to work wherever you like. That could be the local coffee shop, or it could be the beach. Anywhere that has a decent Wi-fi connection when you need it.

Knowing when to switch off

When you are the boss – and particulary when you work from home without routine – you can work too much. There’s always something that needs doing, and if you haven’t got to leave the office by a certain time, you can just keep on going.

So when do you switch on, and when do you power down for the night?

It’s so easy to check your smartphone or take your iPad to bed. But downtime is vital to your health and productivity. Lots of entreprenuers and home workers promote the importance of a balanced day. That can mean getting regular food and water, taking a break from the computer screen and fitting in some form of exercise when you can.

You can be battling against a tight deadline and feel all you can do is get your head down and crack on regardless. But if you allow yourself a short break, taking yourself away from your workstation – wherever that might be – you’ll find you will come back refreshed and able to tackle the task at hand with ease.

Why are there so many online franchises?

Take a quick search online. Browse our franchise section. You’ll find dozens of online franchise opportunities. They’re pretty popular.

And that’s no surprise given how vital the internet is to everyday life. But is there a danger of the market becoming too saturated? What type of online franchise will be the next to boom? And are there any close to bursting?

There are plenty of e-commerce web opportunities that give you the tools and platform to earn by selling products or services online. There are travel websites. There are App development franchises. There are online marketing franchises and there are opportunities in which you make money by selling websites themselves.

With most online franchises, you are the salesperson. You won’t be expected to design websites. You won’t need a marketing degree. Nor will you need to be a coding genius. You will need to find customers and convince them to buy, but the franchisor, employees or sub-contracted personnel will carry out the technical work.

So running an online franchise isn’t the easy option. If you want that, you’re better off stcking with a job. But there are lots of benefits to enjoy. There all of the freedoms associated with self-employment. In short, you get to call the shots.

Feel like taking the day off? No problem; you don’t have to fill in any holiday request forms. Need to leave early on a Friday? Go ahead, nobody can stop you.

Want to work all day in your underwear? Well, so long as it’s just you and your laptop…

Some of these might seem trivial. But when you become your own boss, it really is liberating to know that you are in control of what you do every day. features many of the UK’s leading online franchise opportunities. Click here to find out more>>

The pros and cons of online franchises