How to buy a Florists

Our guide on how to buy a Florists

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. And that means sons and daughters nationwide will be flocking to a florists to buy their mum a well-deserved bunch of flowers. Less than a month on from Valentine’s Day, and with Easter just around the corner, floristry is a sector that’s blooming in more ways than one at this time of year. So if you’re in the market for a blossoming new business, and wondering how to buy a florists, you’re in exactly the right place.

But what’s brought you here today? What is it about floristry that really excites you? And have you balanced that romantic ideal with the commercial reality? It doesn’t matter that you can tell your Poinsettias from your Pansies blindfolded. Or that you can arrange award-winning floral displays with your hands tied behind your back. What really matters is whether you are cut out for running a business. That’s the real skill in all of this.

Working in a florists is one thing, owning it is another. If you haven’t run a business before, you need to make sure you’re ready for the challenges that will come your way. Don’t let that put you off, as none of these challenges are insurmountable. But you will need to be prepared for early starts, long hours and less time off during the holidays – after all, those holidays and special occasions will be your busiest times as a business owner!

Still want to know how to buy a florists? Good, then that proves you’re serious. It probably means that flowers are your passion too, and that’s no bad thing. Whatever business you enter into, having a genuine interest and real belief in what you’re doing is key. If you can maintain that enthusiasm and still love your business, even when you’re having a bad day, then you have the best chance of making it a success.

At the time of writing, there are over 180 florists listed for sale nationwide. Break that down regionally, and there will be a few dozen in each area. But narrow that down further to those florists that are within striking distance, and you might have fewer choices than you’d imagine. It’s important you pick the right location, though, as the last thing you need when taking over a busy business is an onerous commute at the start and end of your day.

The next thing you need to work out is how to buy a florists that fits your budget. There are businesses for sale at prices that range from £10,000 to £2Million, determined by their turnover, profitability, size and whether the freehold property is included in the sale. Establish what it is you are buying, put your enthusiasm and passion to one side for a moment, and switch on the rational side of your mind. Ask lots of questions, take professional advice and tick off everything on our checklist for buying a business.

So you’ve done your homework, you’ve answered some tough questions about yourself and your motivations. You’ve worked out how to buy a florists in the right area and at the right price for you for you. That’s great news and, if you choose wisely, you could be on to a winner. Yes there will be peak times like Mother’s Day and on other special occasions. But at least you’ll be prepared for a surge in business. In short, if you’re florally fanatical and a budding new business owner, then you’re the right person to buy a florists.


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How to buy a Florists