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Cafe Franchises For Sale

Café franchises for sale across the UK can be found on the café franchise directory below. From mobile cafes to large retail premises, you can find the perfect cafe franchise opportunity here.

Cafe Franchises For Sale

Coffee Blue Cafe Franchise

Coffee Blue

Coffee Blue has been designed from the ground up to be the best mobile coffee...


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The key questions to ask when buying a franchise

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Information on Cafe Franchises

When it comes to food retail, a cup of coffee offers a famously high margin. This high margin, combined with the relative low costs and legislative burdens involved in opening a café, make café franchising one of the most popular options for those considering a food franchise. There are lots of café franchises already in existence in the UK; many of the cafes you see on your local high street have been established under a franchise agreement in the past ten to fifteen years. 

In spite of the high number of cafes already trading, demand remains high: coffee in particular is a popular low-cost treat for millions of us. One of the results of this high consumption is that café customers’ taste in coffee and tea has become highly refined over the years. This works to the benefit of those in a franchise arrangement; in-house specialists can be paid for centrally and their costs split over the franchise, meaning that the franchisee can train their staff to the highest level, and offer the finest quality of tea and coffee in their premises, for a fraction of the costs faced by an independent operation.

There are plenty of viable cafe franchise locations available across the UK, and a successful café premises isn’t always located in a traditional high street retail position. Locations nearby or within municipal buildings such as train stations, schools and hospitals can work well as a cafe, as can a site on some out-of-town office complexes and tourist destinations. Discuss your location ideas with your franchisor; they will be able to give you the benefit of their experience in the decision making process, and may have their eye on a few locations you haven’t come across yet.